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Fear & Panic Free
Fear & Panic Free

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Fear & Panic Free CD by Rick Collingwood

Addresses any type of fear & associated panic attacks giving you the power to have complete control

Clinical Hypnosis to Address Any Type of Fear & Related Panic Attacks

This is a professionally developed personal hypnotherapy program designed to eliminate fear and associated panic symptoms. It can be used for any type of fear - e.g. spiders, dentists, heights etc. and will safely allow you to let go and become in control at all times. Equally as important, using this program will also help subdue any panic attacks or excessive stress when confronted with a fearful situation. It is useful for any person who has a specific fear and wishes to overcome it, or for people who are afraid of many things in general and wish to gain more control over their life.

Why Use Hypnosis to Address a Fear?

Whilst there are many types of treatments available for overcoming a fear, it is our opinion that hypnotherapy is the absolute best method available. The reason? Because it helps you address the core of the issue and where it lies within the thought process. The funny thing about most fears is that they are not rational. This is because the processes causing the fear come from the subconscious part of the mind, not the conscious part which is where our rationality comes from. Therefore because hypnosis is all about changing subconscious perceptions & processes, it is the ideal way to address the source of the fear. Under hypnosis your subconscious becomes increasingly receptive, and with the right suggestion & techniques (such as in this program), it is possible to override these entrenched patterns. The key lies in the hypnotic trance which allows receptivity to from this part of the mind that is not normally as easily accessible.

Some Fear is Normal...

Every person experienced fear to a certain degree, it is just a natural and necessary response from the mind when you are in perceived danger. What is not necessary is having an excessive fear about things which are not rational or that you simply can not control. This is especially true when that fear is affecting your life and the decisions that you make. For example, it is normal to be scared when seeing a snake - what is NOT normal is never going into the outdoors for fear of coming across one. An important facet of this program is that it will NOT make you completely resilient to all fear - what it WILL do is give you the control over your emotions and the ability to rationally judge what is dangerous and what is simply holding you back from living life.

Remaining Calm & Panic Free

A good part of this hypnotherapy session is devoted to also helping you balance your emotional response to certain situations. It is inevitable that you will sometimes come across a situation that scares you. Embedded in the script are suggestions that will give you more control both subconsciously and consciously before something like a panic attack sets in. This is a very important part, as using this program will essentially help give you more power to remain cool, calm and collected in the face of any fear.

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