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Memory Improvement
Memory Improvement

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Memory Improvement

Ideal for students and anybody suffering from a failing memory capacity. Retain, recall and access information more easily.

Hypnotherapy Can Help Improve Your Memory!

This program is designed to enhance your ability to retain and recall information to improve your memory capacity. Memory is based on experiences & information which is stored in the subconscious and then consciously recalled when needed. This self-hypnosis program is designed to heighten this connection through advanced hypnotic techniques. It will give you the confidence, new patterns and deeper abilities to improve your memory permanently with persistent use of this recording.

This program is useful for:
• Students of all ages
• People with a failing memory
• Alzheimer or Dementia patients
• People who are forgetful

This program will help you identify and promote the ways that you will remember things the best. For example it will promote you to 'listen better' if you have an 'auditory' personality type, or to develop 'visual imagery and associations' if you are a 'visual' type of person or to associate information you learn to a certain 'feeling or sensual experience' if you are 'kinaesthetic' personality.

On a deeper level, this program helps heighten the connection between your subconscious 'memory banks' and conscious awareness. Hypnosis can help enhance the flow of information by directly communicating with your subconscious mind through direct suggestion. This helps you 'train your brain' on every level to heighten your conscious recall of information by forming more memorable associations to the information that you place importance on remembering.

Sometimes a failing memory can also be caused by 'deep-seeded' negative emotions & associations. This is where people have built up a resistance to learning new things because they have thought, or been told, too many times that they are 'dumb' or 'stupid'. This can cause a barrier that affects memory abilities of because the person begins to think that no matter how hard they try, they will never remember things.

This is where hypnotherapy becomes effective because it helps release all these negative associations and replace them with more confident patterns that embrace learning and remembering. It will help you to control any negative emotions that prevent you from remembering certain things because, ultimately, if we have enough bad experiences, our mind will actually begin to 'block out' these memories as a self-protection mechanism. This is indicative of the power of the mind to suppress memories and the ability to remember.

This self-hypnosis program is perfect if you are a student and wish to maximise your memory capacity to help with your exams and general knowledge. Even if you consider yourself to have a good memory, this program will still give you the extra edge to improve your studies and make more efficient use of your time spent studying.

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