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Heavy Metal Test Kit

Heavy Metal Test Kit  $33.95
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Multi Metal Test Kit
Test yourself and your environment for heavy metals. It shows up as an easy to read colour meter, it can determine metals such as mercury, cobalt, lead, zinc, copper & cadmium. If you show positive for heavy metal toxicity then we have the Multi Metal D-tox which will safely chelate all the metals detected and more. Enough for 8 tests.
Contains everything you need - except the urine - you have to provide that!

The difference between the Heavy Metal Test Kit and other methods for detecting heavy metals (Atomic Absorption Spectro Photometry etc.) is that this Kit will exclusively detect ionic and free radical generating heavy metals. 


This means that a needed element such as Zinc will not be detected with the test kits but ionic Zinc that produces free radicals will be. Many companies all over the world are offering a chelation or oral chelation therapy.



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