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Alternative Health Supplies :: Pantry :: Perfect Sweet 1.0kg

Perfect Sweet 1.0kg
Perfect Sweet 1.0kg  $25.90
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Perfect Sweet - 1.0kg

What Is Perfect Sweet™ ?

Perfect Sweet™ is natural 100% Xylitol. It can be found in some fruits, fibrous vegetables and hardwoods. Xylitol is produced daily by the body during normal metabolism.
Perfect Sweet™ natural sweetener looks and tastes just like sugar and can be used where ever sugar is normally used-in tea, coffee, baking and cooking. Xylitol is an all-natural sugar alternative that tastes and looks like sugar but that is where the similarities end. Xylitol is one of a group of sugar substitutes known as polyols. Others in the same group include sorbitol and maltitol, which have 6 carbon structures (and can be metabolised by harmful bacteria). However, xylitol has a unique 5 carbon structure which is metabolised only by friendly bacteria. Xylitol is a sweetener that occurs naturally. It can be found in berries and other fruits, some vegetables and in the woody fibres of birch tree bark and corn cobs.

Why Use Perfect Sweet™:

  • Has a Glycemic Index of 7 an extremely low rating compared to sugar rating of 65. Low GI foods such as Xylitol release glucose gradually into the blood stream. This means that you feel full longer, have longer lasting energy and are less likely to crave sweet foods.
  • Does not need insulin to be metabolized by the body so will not cause blood sugar swings.
  • Has 75% less available carbohydrates than sugar, so its the ideal solution as part of a balanced weight loss diet.
  • In the mouth Perfect Sweet™ natural sweetener restores the natural pH balance which helps to keep your tooth enamel and gums healthy. In fact by aiding calcium absorption, Xylitol helps to build stronger bones and teeth.
  • Promotes the growth of friendly bacteria, leaving your digestion healthier and better able to absorb nutrients.

How To Replace Your Sugar With Perfect Sweet™
Perfect Sweet™ natural sweetener looks and tastes like sugar, use spoon for spoon instead of sugar in hot and cold drinks. When using Perfect Sweet™ natural sweetener in recipes with white flour, use half the quantity of Xylitol to sugar for instance, ˝ cup Perfect Sweet™ = 1 cup normal sugar. Taste the batter and adjust if not sweet enough.

"Perfect Sweet™ - No Other Natural Sweetener Is This Healthy For You"

There are many other ways Perfect Sweet™ natural sweetener will improve your health and well being so you can enjoy the sweet things without the bitter side effects.


Code: ps2792
Weight 1.10 kg
Product Size: 1kg
Price: $25.90
including GST

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