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SUN Wakasa Gold Plus

SUN Wakasa Gold Plus  $165.95
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Sun Wakasa Gold - 500ml

New and Improved - more concentrated
Now Sun Wakasa Gold Plus with new improved concentration provides
500ml x 52.87% concentration to equal a total of 264.35ml.
 (Compared to the wakasa gold product - 1lt at 19.32% concentration for 193.20ml)
It's no ordinary health food elixir! Sun Chlorella's Wakasa Gold Plus is different. Rich in nucleic acids, both RNA and DNA, Wakasa is the purest extract from one of nature's oldest and most fertile plants: chlorella.

Not just any chlorella, Wakasa comes from a highly developed strain of algae containing a true nucleus. It's concentrated, so a small serving goes a long way! Wakasa is as pure as it looks. Taken regularly with Sun Chlorella A, this rich and sumptuous natural tonic can enhance every regimen.

  • Rich in nucleic acids (RNA/DNA)
  • Purest extract from Sun Chlorella, feel the difference right away!
  • Highly concentrated; a small serving goes a long way!
  • No additives - no sugar, no artificial sweetner, no caffeine, and no coloring
  • Contains a variety of minerals such as iron, iodine, and zinc

Recommended Daily Use

Shake well before each use - Settling of liquids is common.
Pour each serving with the enclosed measuring cup.
Suggested daily serving of 15ml).

Drink Chlorella Wakasa as is - no dilution is necessary.
Store in a cool, dry place until opened.
After opening, reseal with the cap and refrigerate.


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