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Alternative Health Supplies :: Weight Loss with Natural Products

Weight Loss with Natural Products
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Weight Loss – the #1 New Year’s Resolution

When I tell people I run a natural health store, inevitably I am asked what can help them lose weight.  According to the statistics, weight loss is #1 New Year’s Resolution.   I wish there was a magic pill that would melt the excess kilograms away, but the truth is, the reason it is on everybody’s “to do” list, is because it is hard.  It takes time, dedication, and commitment and the changes you make need to become your lifestyle to maintain weight loss.  At we don’t want to sell false hope or miracles.  We want to provide safe, natural and healthy ways for you to reach your goals.

First off – nothing is ever going to replace the trite but tried and true…exercise and watching what you eat. Taking in fewer (healthy) calories and burning them with off with exercise is the best way to lose weight.  What we advocate is eating a healthy diet that works for you and eliminating processed foods as much as possible.  What we carry as weight loss support are natural products that can assist with suppressing appetite, meal replacements, nutrient enhancers, sugar replacements, and detoxifiers.   None of these are quick fixes but they can certainly help you on your weight loss journey. 

We break our weight loss aids into a few categories.  The first are supplements. There are various minerals and herbs that can help with appetite control, reducing cravings, blood sugar regulation, reducing absorption of glucose, fat and cholesterol, increasing serotonin levels, and boosting metabolism.  in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, these supplements do benefit and remove hindrances for people looking to shed weight.   We check the ingredients in all the products we carry and make sure that they are not loaded with caffeine or any other unnatural substance, as so many are. Taking weight loss supplements should not make you jittery.  We search for the products that are all natural ingredients and the right amounts of substances to be effective. 

Another category is meal replacement or nutritional enhancers. These are items that can replace a meal or be added into a meal to raise the nutritional quality while keeping your intake of kilojoules low.  Low carbohydrate protein powder and super foods are great examples of products that can help you reach your goals.   We advocate responsible meal replacement, meaning at most 2 meals a day, and taken along with healthy intake of unprocessed food.  Food is always the best source for nutrients.  Supplementation should be used to make up the deficiencies in our diet.  We suggest using a super food powder made from vegetables and fruits to a drink as opposed to a sugary processed weight loss shake or frozen meal.

Natural Sugar Replacements are the next category.  They are low caloric natural alternatives to sugar.  Using Stevia to sweeten instead of sugar, aspartame or other chemical combinations is a healthy way to add sweetness when needed for your taste. Stevia is derived from a plant, and has been used to sweeten food for hundreds of years.  Stevia has no calories, and it is 200 times sweeter than sugar in the same concentration

The last category we have is detoxing. Our bodies are designed to regularly detox themselves as part of a normal human function.  The problem is that today with all the pollution in the air, water and food we eat, our organs, which were once capable of naturally cleaning toxins, are over loaded to the point where toxins remain inside our body.  Herbal detoxification is great ways to assist your body’s self-cleansing process.  It is very beneficial if you have any immune compromising ailments and to revitalize your system.

7 ways to Help Your Body Detoxify

1.    Herbal Detoxification – our recommendations are: Nature’s Sunshine 14 day detox or Caruso’s Quick Cleanse 15 day detox.

2.    Exercise – improves circulation, releases endorphins

3.    Massage – increases blood flow, breaks down fatty deposits

4.    Meditation and Deep Breathing- oxygen enters, toxins exit

5.    Drinking Water – helps flush your system

6.    Sauna or Steam room – increases circulation, sweat out toxins

7.    Brushing your skin – increases circulation and breaks down fatty deposits.

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