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Bragg Pack
Bragg Healthy Lifestyle

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This Bragg Healthy Living Pack

This pack includes the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle book and a 45g Bragg Seasoning.

Bragg Seasoning - 45 g

Rosemary, Onion, Garlic, Thyme, Red Bell Pepper, Carrot, Tomato, Black Pepper,Basil, Bragg Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Parsley, Tarragon, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Celery Seed, Dill Seed, Oregano, Savoury Sage, Ginger, Coriander, Bay Leaf, Turmeric.

Bragg Healthy Lifestyle

Body Purification, Toxicless Diet & Healing System

The Toxicless diet, Body Purification & Healing System Fully Explained

First, we want it definitely understood that this system does not claim to cure disease. No system can "cure" disease. No person can "cure" you of your ailments, aches and pains. Only the internal functions of your own body banish disease! The human body is self-cleansing, self-repairing and self-healing! You break a bone, the doctor sets the bone and puts it into a cast. The broken bone knits together again. After a certain number of weeks, the bone is again as strong as it was before the break—sometimes even stronger! There is no special diet, no special food, no pill, no injection or prescription that can "cure" or mend a broken bone. The internal healing forces are within every human body—these are what heal and renew the bone!

Only Mother Nature Cures!

Burn this into your consciousness: Only Mother Nature Cures! Every human body has a special built-in healing mechanism. You cut your hand and three to five stitches might be required to close the wound. The doctor cleans, stitches and then bandages the wound. He can do no more. Now the miraculous healing mechanism of your body starts mending the wound.

"Man's body was created according to the laws of physics and chemistry, which are the Creator's own laws. They never vary. His law is written upon every nerve, every muscle, every faculty; which has been entrusted to us."
– Henry W. Vollmer, M.D.

"The preservation of health is a duty. Few seem conscious that there is such a thing as physical morality. "
– Herbert Spencer

Discover & Guard Your Body's Vital Force

To simplify this explanation of the Toxicless Diet, Body Purification and Healing System, we are going to call this vital healing power "Vital Force"! All of us must have this Vital Force energy in order to stay alive! When the Vital Force is completely exhausted, then there is death. Many people live at a very low rate of "physical vibration" because they have a very low amount of Vital Force. Then there are people who live a healthy lifestyle every day who enjoy a high rate of physical vibration with high energy! Their Vital Force is high!

Every day of your life you meet people with a high amount of Vital Force. On the other hand, every day you also see tired, exhausted, nervous, frustrated people full of aches, pains, diseases, stresses, strains and tensions. Most of these people are prematurely old...they appear and act older than their calendar years! People with a low quota of Vital Force have a low resistance to infectious diseases...they are the people who have frequent colds, flu, strep throat and many other disorders! They are the people who are chronically tired, suffering from what is often called chronic fatigue syndrome or Epstein-Barr. They are the people with poor memories who are full of aches and pains. They are lifeless, pale and often anaemic. They are often unhappy, irritable people that nothing and no one can please!

"A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison." – Francis Bacon

"The human body has one ability not possessed by any machine—the body has the ability to repair itself."
– George W. Crile

Lack of Vital force Brings on Enervation!

With the Vital Force energy at a low ebb, enervation takes over. When enervation takes over physical troubles start to multiply! Remember first and foremost, we are miraculous instruments. In order for our bodies to be "in tune" and operate efficiently, there must be an adequate amount of Vital Force. It's needed to keep the eliminative organs removing the accumulating toxins and wastes from our bodies daily. A clean internal body operates more efficiently, happier and better.

"Deep breathing increases healing currents of Nerve Force and sends it throughout the body." – Patricia Bragg

There you have it—the secret of life in a nutshell! The body accumulates a certain amount of toxic waste from the food you eat. As the food passes through the gastrointestinal tract, the great intelligence of the body selects the nutrients it needs, and the waste or residue is passed on and out of the body. This squeeze and push function requires a large amount of Vital Force. If a person has low Vital Force, food wastes don't pass out of the body in the normal time, and toxins build up.

The body has a warm temperature of 98.6 degrees. If food wastes remain too long in the gastrointestinal tract, daily toxic poisons build up. Then autointoxication and putrefaction start to set in. Toxic poisons are then thrown back into the bloodstream and you start to self-poison and self-pollute! The many dangerous effects of this toxic poison being thrown back into the bloodstream can become devastating and deadly!

Enervation & Disease: Cause & Effect

Mother Nature always gives warnings when toxic poisons start to build up in the bloodstream. Some ache, others throb and some get the worst of all, severe migraine headaches. There are also many other symptoms of autointoxication—biliousness, nausea, mental depression, irritability, stress, tension and strain. The full list of symptoms is too long to enumerate here. Enervation slows down the eliminative functions not only of the bowels but also the kidneys, skin and lungs. Our bodies cannot efficiently eliminate the accumulating toxic wastes when our Vital Force is in a sluggish, low vibration, enervated condition!

For every effect, there must be a cause! All disease conditions are effects of enervation. The basic cause of enervation is a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. The average food of civilization has been so perverted and robbed of its life and energy that most of its vital nutrients have been removed! You cannot expect to build a high Vital Force on poor fuel. Most humans in civilization suffer from chronic malnutrition. The prefix "mal" means ill or bad. So malnutrition means ill nutrition and, in plain words, adds up to bad health!

Thy Food Will Be Thy Remedy!—Hippocrates

On the Chios Island (now Khios) in classical Greece 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates, the bearded physician-teacher - father of medicine, sat in the shade of an Oriental plane-tree on a beautiful hillside. There Hippocrates taught and enlightened his medical students with these brilliant, factual, precise and ageless, important words of wisdom.

Your Food Will Be Your Remedy...No one to date has more eloquently described a healthy way of life! The entire Toxicless Diet, Body Purification and Healing System is based on this one vital truth. This System is based on the principle that with healthy foods and fasting you can cleanse, purify and rebuild your body and find perfect health again. Yes, food can be your medicine!

My father, over the course of his entire, long lifetime, proved that within fruits and vegetables are the amazing natural remedies for most of the man's physical problems.

The medical profession insists that it strives to emulate the Father of all physicians. Indeed, it requires its practitioners to take the Hippocratic Oath, one of the most sublime declarations of lofty ethics ever written. Yet today there are thousands of dedicated bacteriologists, pharmaceutical researchers and chemists sitting in gleaming laboratories throughout the world, busily turning out synthetic, so-called "magic" drug panaceas for every human misery. Unlike the wise Hippocrates, their unwise battle cry appears to be: "Thy remedy shall be our newly invented wonder drug."

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